BIM software

List of software used in a BIM project


Allow to create a BIM model whether it is 3D, 2D or BIM, parametric or not

  • Autocad

  • Sketch up

  • Archicad

BIM modeller:

  • Revit

  • Archicad

  • Rhino

  • Vector works

  • All plan

Parametric design:

  • Grasshoper (Rhino)

  • Dynamo (Revit)

  • Marionette (Vector works)

Cloud base file sharing :

Simply share your files on the web, with not specifically for architecture & construction. These solutions allow also to create document online equivalent to a word, excel or PowerPoint.

  • Dropbox

  • Google Drive

  • Microsoft 365

  • ....

Common data environment :

Common data environment are special cloud base file hosting specific to BIM. Often it understands the 3D model, provide a 3D viewer and handle versions. It can also serve a BIM model in real time, without the need to have it in our own machine.

  • Autodesk 360

  • Trimble connect

Project Management App

Allow to have a global view on the project, the design decision, track tasks and plan the work to be done.

  • Trello



Instant message app

  • Slack

  • Teams

  • Google chat

BIM coordination app

Allow combining multiple 3D models and run a series of automated tests to control their quality and the inconsistency between models named clash.

  • Solibri

  • Naviswork

BIM collision management app

These applications allow to manage all detected issues found after combining the collaborator's 3D models in BIM coordination app. They generally get the information thanks to a BCF file or API connection.

  • BIM track

  • BIM sync

  • BIM collab

Augmented Reality

  • Enscape