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Detailed log of changes to Bricks app.

2019/03/05 - Version 0.6.0

Limit topic list scroll to view screen

To propose a similar experience you are probably used to using email clients like gmail, we limited the scroll of topic list to the height of the screen. This way you can always see topic details side by side with the list of topics and more rapidly scan your recent topics.

Project creation from project page

As some of our users asks us, we placed a convenient create project button directly from the projects page. As a project is always associated to an organization, we thus allow the user to select one of his organization in which he wants to create the project.

Project create button from user projects page
A project can be created in one of your organizations

Topic priority colors

To make clearer what is urgent and what is not, we used a gradient of colors from yellow to red.

Topic priority colors as seen in topic table

2019/01/15 - Version 0.5.2

Table View

Table view page add a new way to view and edit your topics. You probably will be already familiar with it as it is similar to what you can do in Excel or Google spreadsheet.

Table view make it easy edit values of multiple topics

The main advantages of table display are :

  • to have many topics on one screen

  • to compare topic properties easily

  • to edit multiple topics quickly

New table view allow to list topics in a compact way

Sprint filtering in kanban

It is now possible to filter kanban by sprint. So you can see only the topics that belongs to the current sprint. You can then see what is missing to match your goal.

Custom page title

Pages have now custom titles that permit to share them with more context on social network, when you save them as a bookmark or as a link to your mobile phone home screen.