Create an organization

How to create your organization to share projects with your team members.

Organization represents your company. A subscription will be linked to the organization. If the subscription expires, access to the other resources associated with the subscription is also terminated.

How to create a new organization?

Click on ‘Organizations’ at the top menu of your screen.

​ On the page, you will see a list of all organizations. You can create a new organization by clicking the ‘Create an organization’ button.

In the empty field, write down the name for the new organization and click the ‘Create’ button.

Note: Please remember that you cannot change the name of the organization later.

How do I customize my organization’s profile in the app?

By clicking on each organization’s name, you open the profile page of said organization. To edit the profile, click on ‘Settings’. You can add your organization’s logo, address, city, country, phone, and email address. To save the settings, click the ‘Update’ button. ​