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Permissions & roles

Project and organization members can have different roles giving them a level of permissions.
Here is a visual summary of the different permission levels for each role:‌

Project permissions

Owner is the user that created the project initially. It is not yet possible to become an owner. If you run into a problem because of this. Please contact us.
Manager is other type of user that have administration settings in a project. They can do most of the owner actions expect a few destructive operation, like for example deleting a project.
Member is the most common type of users on a project, they don't have permissions to organize the project and access project settings. But except that they can freely create topics, comments....
Observer is to be used for people that don't need to participate in the project actively, but who need to read all its content. Mind that observer don't count on your plan seat, so you can also switch member to observer to save seats if someone will be less active for a period of time.
Public project visitor
Access topic list view
Access files list view
Access table view
Access board view
Access roadmap view
Access topic page
See project stats
Create a Topic
Create Topic tasks
Comment a topic
Upload files
Mark topic as a response
Move topic to another team
Access project settings
Create teams
Invite users
Import topics
Create Sprint, Stage, package
Run a flow
Create flow
Change Kanban workflow
Delete a project

Organization permissions

Access projects list
Access any organization projects without project invitation
Access organization settings
Invite members to organization
Change organization members role
Create project
Duplicate prroject
Subscribe to an organization plan
Delete organization (Coming soon)