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Synchronize Bricks activity in Slack

Why connect Slack to Bricks?

Slack allows you to create instant chats. This is the reference application for chatting with your team at work.
Bricks app is designed to organize your projects in different topics. It encourages more structured exchanges.
These two applications are therefore complementary in the exchanges that you have with the different actors of the projects that you lead. Integrating Slack with Bricks allows you to link your instant or more structured discussions so you do not miss anything.
Synchronize your Bricks workspace with your Slack channels allows you to keep all project employees informed when the following event occur:
  • Add or create a new task
  • A new comment
  • A task is completed

How to synchronize Bricks to a Slack channel?

To synchronize Bricks with your workspace, follow these steps in Integration settings and just select Slack in services.

How to add an incoming Webhook in a slack channel?

  • Go to this page custom integrations page of your slack workspace the URL should be ending with apps/manage/custom-integrations
Click on apps
Choose custom integrationss
  • Choose Add incoming Webhooks integrations button
Click on Add to slack button
  • Choose a slack channel
Choose a slack channel to connect to
  • Copy the URL of the webhook that will be used for Bricks configurations.
Copy the webhook url to paste it in bricks


You can now connect Bricks with Slack to link your work organization application with your slack channels. You can now receive your Bricks notifications in your slack channels and keep all your team members on board and aware of the latest changes.