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Use Kanban to display and edit all topic properties

Properties is a specific Kanban view that allows you to view and edit your topic properties easily. You have to choose one specific topic property like stage, and columns of the kanban display your projects stages. You can then drag and drop your topics to change their stage. It is as easy as that!

It can be used as a visualization tool to show the repartition of your topics by stage, package or assignees. It comes also on a handy to edit topics more rapidly as drag and dropping will be much quicker than editing them one after the other.

How to use property kanban

Properties kanban is just an extension of the normal kanban: the workflow kanban (TO / DOING / DONE). So it is accessible the same way. You have to click on the board tab in a project. By default, the visible kanban is the workflow Kanban. But you have a selection list at the top right of the screen that allows you to change Kanban type, from Workflow to Stage or Priority...

Use cases on when to use it

Let's examine some use cases where property kanban could be useful for you.

  • Assign works to your team members : list all your topics by assignee to see who is doing what and decide to give tasks to some of your team members

  • Hierarchize urgency of tasks to be done: list your topics by priority to hierarchize what is important for you and set less important

  • Split topic in packages: During the project definition stage and even more for the construction stage, work packages tend to be crucial information. You can then use property kanban to batch assign work package to topic and have a global view of your projects topics spread by work package

  • Plan the next sprints: If your practice agile methods as we recommend with Bricks, you could use sprints as a way to group a set of high priority topics to work on during a short period. To prepare your next sprints, having a visual kanban view is really handy. You can then see how many points each sprint would contain, to be sure it is feasible by your team.

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