Get started
Learn how to create your first project on Bricks.
    First you need to create an account​
    It's free to create an account, you need to choose a username and password and fill little information.
Create an account in Bricks
    Then we ask you to create an organization
    Organization generally represent your company, it will group the projects you create later and help you share them with you co-workers.
    Then we propose you to create your first project
    You can create as many projects as you want.
Create a project
    You can then invite some people to contribute
    There are 2 types of permissions in a project: member and administrator Administrator can edit project settings, whereas member can only contribute to it.
Create a team and invite people to the project
    You can set the project parameters:stages, lots....
    Or wait until you need it to make it later.
Create stage
    Finally, you can create your first topic. A topic is anything you want to discuss or execute with your colleagues or other enterprises your work with. In Topic, you can define tasks
Create a topic and tasks
    You can hierarchize what needs to be done for the next milestone, meeting... thanks to Sprints
Create sprints
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