Integrations settings

As for all instant messaging integrations, you can choose which events trigger an update in the message app and which Bricks teams topics are synchronized.

How to integrate Bricks to a channel?

To integrate Bricks, you must be an administrator of the project

Then go to Project > Settings > integration

To add an integration, click on Add Integration and just follow the steps.

Step 1: Choose the integration Channel

Currently, Bricks support 2 integrations channels:

Step 2: Choose the teams

Choose the team(s) for which the Bricks activity will be dispatched

Step 3: Choose the events that trigger dispatch

Choose which Bricks events will dispatch an action in the integrated channel such as:

  • New topics

  • Comments and documents sent by team members for each topic. In slack, you could directly see this comment, but also click on the link to go back to it in context.

  • Achieved tasks when one of the team members reports a task as completed

Step 4: Connect to the integration channel

  • With webhook

  • With oauth (soon)

You need to previously create a Webhook and paste it in the input.

Multi-channel synchronizations and modification

You have the possibility to make several integrations of the same project. This allows you to sync your notifications to multiple workspaces or multiple channels in the same space.

It is also possible to pause or edit one of these connections at any time.

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