Google Chat

Synchronize Bricks activity in Google Chat

Why connect Google Chat to Bricks?

Google Chat is the messaging and collaboration platform for GSuite users. Chat one to one with colleagues or brainstorm with your team in a collaborative way.

Bricks integrates with Google Chat, so you can keep all the important information in one place by automatically sending notifications about your project's new tasks, new comments, or a task completed. Letting your team get information, take quick action, and stay notified without leaving the conversation.

How to synchronize Bricks to a Google Chat room?

To synchronize Bricks with your workspace, follow these steps in Integration settings and just select Google Chat in services.

How to add an incoming Webhook in Google Chat?

To set up a webhook:

  • Define the incoming webhook in Google Chat, provide a name and optionally an avatar for the bot

  • Copy the system-generated URL and paste it in Bricks configuration

  • Bricks can send messages to that URL, using the message format elements. These steps are described in more detail here.


Google Chat isn't just for talking to peopleβ€”it's also a great place to link your work organization application with your chat rooms. You can now receive your Bricks notifications and keep all your team members updated.

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