Subscription and billing

What is free?

Bricks is free up to 3 users among all projects of a given organization.

So you have an organization that have created 3 projects. You can be up to 3 different people invited on these 3 projects.

Also, only user invited as member or manager (See more about project permissions) count on your number of seats used. Observer who can only see the project but not edit it, don't count.

Who pay?

An organization who created projects needs to pay seats to allow more than 3 users to use their project.

If you have multiple organizations associated with your account, you can still use the 3 users free quota for your others organizations.

Are the 3 free users still free when I upgrade

Yes ! When you choose a 5 users packages, you only pay the 2 additional users on top of the 3 free users.

Who can manage the subscription and billing ?

Currently, only the creator of the organization that you want to upgrade can access the plan and billing menu. We plan to extend this permission to organization billing manager in a near feature

Can I cancel my subscription

Yes you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Are all features included in the Free version?

Yes we don't differentiate the paid or free version expect by the limit of users. So with the free version you can experience a complete product.

How much it cost

It costs 8$ / User in one payment of 12 months if you choose an annual payment

And cost 10$ / user / Month if you choose a monthly payment

It is not possible to buy seats one by one?

We have made the choice of proposing packages to make it easy invite people and keep a stable budget for you. If the package you want is not listed. Please Contact us.

How to upgrade

Organization > Settings > Billing

  • Go to the organization settings page you want to upgrade

  • Choose a package

  • The price per month will show

  • Switch the yearly / monthly toggle to show the different price if you choose annual payment or monthly payment

  • Click on choose : you will be guided for the next phase

    • Fill an address

    • Fill payment info

    • Confirm, add an optional coupon and validate

How to see the number of seats that I am using ?

Organization > Settings > Billing

Go to the organization settings and choose the menu Billing. Under Seats, you will see the number of seats used and remaining.

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