Load multiple IFC

It is now possible to explore the IFC models in Bricks with several IFC models at a time. This way you can more easily combine the model together to do some useful comparisons. It is especially useful for BIM coordination, where the BIM manager / Coordinator has the responsibility of detecting inconsistencies between the architect, engineer or constructors BIM models.

To use this feature :

  • Just navigate to a Bricks project and then in "Model" page

  • Upload an on or several IFC models if you don't have done it already

  • Click on the eye icon of a model

  • Then on the eye icon of another model

  • Alternatively, you can use the "Add to the scene" or "Remove from the scene" menu item

If you have some trouble with the relation of the models in the 3D space. Check the origin point in your BIM authoring software to check if they are consistent to one another.

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