Import and export BCF file to communicate with other BIM application.

What is BCF?

BCF is an exchange file used in BIM to export / import issues between applications.

What is imported in BCF files

BCF contain :

  • issue title

  • issue description

  • one or more screenshots or image attached to a comment

  • info about the commenting user (email, name...)

In Bricks we tried to import as much information as possible, for example if an email is set, we try to import the email and send an invitation so this person can access issue in Bricks

How to import BCF?

To import BCF files you need to be administrator of the project.

Then go to project / settings / imports

In case you did some imports previously you have a list of past imports. To do an import just click on the "Import from BCF" button.

It will open a window to select a file from your local hard drive.

Then an import settings windows allow you to define where topics will be imported and with which default properties. A default property is a fallback in case the BCF file does not contain the information. For example, it is possible to assign topic create by import to someone in case nobody is mentioned in the BCF file.

If the import succeeded you can see it in the list with a green check status. And you can check all your imported topics were correctly created.

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