Set a response

Set a comment as a response to the topic discussion

Why setting comment as a response.

Often in a long discussion, there are some contradictory opinions. It could be hard for a newcomer in the discussion to understand what have been decided at the end. Settings a response to a topic allow clarifying what have been decided as the final response and identify that the topic reached a final conclusion.

Who can set topic as a response

Every project members can set a topic comment as a response. By the way this decision is not definitive and another comment can also be chosen as a response. In that case the last response won't be displayed as a response any more. It will be replaced by the new response

What happen when setting a response

An email is sent to all topic participants, project members that participated in the discussion, either as topic creator, commenters.

The list of topics is updated with a green check for topic that have a response. And in the topic page this green check icon when clicked allows to directly reach the response.

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