Power BI

Create dashboards with your project data (Windows only).

With your project data exported in Excel, you can easily create a dashboard to have an analytical view of your project.

Export data

In topic list view, select the topics you want to analyse (or select all) and download them as XLS.

Download Power BI

Go here: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/downloads

Download and install Power BI on your desktop computer.

Download Power BI template for Bricks project

Download this file :

Create a folder in your computer and put the dashboard template files with your data source in it.

Create your dashboard

Open the Power BI template file and go to "Transform Data" and change the data source :

Update the data by applying modifications.

You can export the dashboard to a PDF file and share it.

Update your dashboard

To create a dashboard for another project, just update the file path and that's it!

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