All the features of Bricks


    Tasks : Define what need to do with tasks Read more​
    Topic properties:
      Stage, sprint, Packages
      Workflow state
      Estimation: a rough estimation of the topic complexity
      End date: the date a topic is expected to finish
      Priority: the priority compared to other topics
      Assignation: the team member who is responsible for this topic
    Topic discussion and comments: Discuss and comment a topic
    Mark as response: Declare a comment as being the best response to a question


    Teams management: split the project members in teams Read more​
    Public/Private projects: Make project accessible with or without connection
    Project profile


    Organization project list Read more​
    Organization members Read more​
    Invite member to a project on behalf of an organization
    Multiple organizations
    Organization profile

Personal views

    My topics : list of the topic I am concerned about Read more​
    Personal preferences
    Personal profile

Templates and recurring tasks

    Project template : Duplicate project you use as a template
    Topic template: Duplicate topic you repeat over and over Read more​
    Flows : Recurring tasks checklist attached to a sprint or a stage
    Library of public shared project : Use shared projects shared by community

Stats & reports

    Stats / Graphs
      Created/Done topics
    Topics export

Agile sprints

    Sprint management
    Sprint Kanban
    Topic estimation : Set the complexity of each task
    Sprint planning in Roadmap or Kanban view

List view

    Bulk topic edit
    Grouped by views
    Sort by multiple order
    Filter by multiple properties

Roadmap view

    Timeline: View stage and sprints in a timeline
    Stage and sprint management: Plan your sprint / stage from the roadmap view

Kanban board view

    Kanban types
      Workflow kanban
      Sprint kanban
      Stage Kanban
      Packages Kanban
      Priority Kanban
      End date Kanban
    Filter by sprint
    Free search filtering
    Sort by multiple order

Table Spreadsheet view

    Excel like table view
    Edit in place
    Sort order by any fields
    Free search filtering

Image & file management

    Image library view
      Thumbnail view
      List view
      Multiple filters
      Link to upload context : Link to the topic or comment the image was shared
    Upload image or files from topic description or comment
    Upload from multiple sources :
      Device camera
      Paste from clipboard
      Google Drive
      One Drive
      Google Photos
    BIM 360: Associate a file stored in BIM360 with a topic comment Read more​
      Associate files stored in BIM 360 to topic comment
      View it in Bricks thanks to BIM 360 3D viewer
      Download the file
    Image viewer


    Slack : Synchronization of topics on one or several Slack Read more​
    Google Chat : Synchronization on one or several Google chat Read more​
    BIM 360: Associate files stored in BIM360 with a topic comment Read more​
    Google Drive
    One Drive
    Google Photos

Notifications & Emails

    Automatic emails sent on specific actions
    Digest email once a day
    Personalization of email sending preferences
    Mention on topics: Draw attention by mentioning someone in a topic comment



    Google sign in
    Email / password sign in


    Web app
    Mobile App: PWA Progressive web app
    Desktop App: Electron app for windows
    Revit Plugin [In progress]
Look at our Roadmap to know what we plan to do next
Look at Changelog to be aware of all the updates we made
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