Common questions about Bricks

When will I need to pay for Bricks?

Bricks is currently in Beta, so you do not pay to use it as long as we stay in Beta. We plan to release v1 version of the app in the coming months, the exact date is not known. In the v1 version you will still have the possibility to use the app without charge if you work with small teams.

How Bricks is different from Trello?

Trello is a popular and efficient app to manage a list of tasks on a Kanban board. Trello is very convenient for small projects. Though we find it difficult to use it in a big project, with people not familiar to use collaboration app. Also. It is not specific to Architecture and construction and in consequence not connected to the BIM ecosystem. Bricks have different ways to visualize topics (Kanban, Table, List) that make it more adapted to long and complex construction projects. Finally, Bricks developed a framework to practice Agile methods in construction projects, that make very adapted to AEC industry.

Is Bricks a drawing app?

Bricks is not an architectural drawing application. It is a collaboration application that allows discussing the project design in a common platform. It is connected with drawing software like Revit thanks to BCF or plugin.

Who make Bricks

Bricks was imagined by two French architects, Sébastien Lucas and François Muzard, who were not satisfied with the way people collaborate on architecture projects. With their knowledge of Agile methods they decided to build from 2017 a collaborative app for architecture linked to BIM growing ecosystem and empowering architecture professionals to use Agile methods.

I don't use Agile methods can I use Bricks anyway?

Of course you can! First it is not obligatory to use Agile methods like Kanban or Scrum to use Bricks. Secondly we imagined Bricks as a way to introduce you with Agile, days after days and not imposing you to switch from the start. We will develop more tools to help Agile beginners to start working Agile without efforts.

It's already a big step to use BIM. Why learning Agile now!

We understand it is not always easy to switch to new practices. And BIM was already a big deal to change the way to do in our industry. But the good news is Agile is very flexible and probably you already use it some times! Changes can be progressive for you and your team. And once you practice it, you will save you many unnecessary and unpleasant moments : useless meetings, night work to meet a deadline... And hopefully design at the end a better project.

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