๐Ÿš€ Changelog

Detailed log of changes to Bricks app

January 2020 - Version 1.0

To come this month... !

  • Duplicate project as a template

New features ๐ŸŽ‰

  • Public projects: projects can now be set to public or be kept as private (default value). When project are public anyone with the project link can access in readonly mode (as a guest). Setting a project as public is a great way to share a project to others without inviting them as members. Some of the best public projects will be included in a library of open source projects templates available from your projects list.

Improvements ๐Ÿš€

  • Team are no more accessible by admin by default: Change invitation by default in team for admin. All users need to be invited, not only the members. So the administrators don't have extra privileges and only the user that need to access to a given team conversation can view it.

  • File tab team handling: File tabs now handle teams. So only files of your team are listed. You can then share privately inside your team. If you want to share to all project members. General team is perfect for that.


  • Fix some email digest inconsistencies and sending issues

  • Fix kanban columns sometimes don't show

  • Fix Kanban differentiate touch device from desktop device

  • Fix opening of image viewer from topic sideview

  • Fix kanban long column name display bug

  • Fix firefox project list display bug

  • Fix projects search between tabs

  • Fix problem with project edit confirmation display

  • Fix in topic grouped by that groups open status are lost when opening side view

December 2019 - Version 0.15

New features ๐ŸŽ‰

  • Attach files from BIM 360 to a topic comment with a viewer

Improvements ๐Ÿš€

  • Navigate in topics with smooth infinite scroll in my topic page

  • Warn the user when the page have change

  • Display visually when topic are done in kanban, topic list, table view and my topics page

  • Automatically save properties in topic page with no submit button

  • Edit comment while in topic side view (kanban and topic list)


  • Grouped by assigned should show grouped

  • Language switching inconsistency

  • Adding a task should not scroll to bottom of page

  • Workflow field should show with correct updated value

  • Wrong history date display in topic side view

  • Fix visibility of check in archived topic list

  • Fix possibility to add tasks after having deleted a task

  • Fix possibility to select text in topic side view

  • Fix a column order problem when importing trello board

November 2019 - Version 0.14

New features ๐ŸŽ‰

  • Display a message when page has changed (new topic, comment...)

Improvements ๐Ÿš€

  • Mentions all users having participated in a topic

  • Ask to fill organization when inviting user to a project and display of members by organization

  • Edit topic properties from side view panel

  • Loading spinner + bar : show more clearly when a page is loading

  • Multiple archive topics : to make it easy archive multiple topics at once

  • Ask user to fill profile when user create account from invitation : so that invited user fill their profile correctly the same way people that created their account directly


  • Many bug fixes!

October 2019 - Version 0.13

New features ๐ŸŽ‰

  • Daily email digest of all project modifications

  • Trello import : Import topics from any trello board !

  • Sprint status: Manage sprint status : start, pause and end sprints


  • Make topic unread status more reliable

September 2019 - Version 0.12

New features ๐ŸŽ‰

  • Image tag recognition and search image by tags

Improvements ๐Ÿš€

  • Be able to edit topic from topic list in group display

  • Make links in task clickable

  • Move to angular 8 version


  • Important performance improvement

August 2019 - Version 0.11

New features ๐ŸŽ‰

  • Export topics as a pdf report

To send a state of project topics for a meeting or by email, it is convenient to create some pdf reports. It is now possible, you only have to select the topics you want to export or all topics of a project. Currently, we have one generic report template but more reports types will come later. Stay tuned.

Improvements ๐Ÿš€

  • Edit topics directly from topic list or Kanban

It is now possible to edit a topic directly from topic list or Kanban to save type and don't lose the context of the list.

  • Open topic in side view panel in all displays : list, table and Kanban

To be able to quickly see the content of a topic, we generalized the side view that display the topic in context with the list of topics. Previously it was available only on topic list. Now it is available from all displays : topic list, Kanban board or table of topics.

  • Reorder tasks to better hierarchize what needs to be done

It is now possible to reorder topic tasks to better hierarchize the succession of tasks to be done to complete a topic.

  • Add more services in uploader + image editing

Bricks uploader support now the most important file sharing service like google drive, Dropbox, box or one Drive as well as device camera and images platforms like google photos and Instagram. It is also possible to edit an image before upload it in Bricks to for example crop it, improve its luminosity or put it in black and white.

  • Be able to set workflow state in topic page

Previously it was possible to set workflow state of a topic (to do, doing, done by default) only from Kanban. Now it is possible to do it just by settings a fields in topic page.

  • Add a new filter in topic list to filter by workflow state

All to filter topics as in Kanban by workflow state


  • Fix drag and dropping of Kanban card when scrolling big list

When the list of cards was big and you scroll down on a column. Drag and dropping to another column was restoring the scroll to initial scroll, which was quite confusing. Now the display of Kanban don't change any more after the drag and drop.

  • Fix a bug that prevented to delete an image from an empty comment

  • Fix a bug of refresh of the team list when changing project with project switcher

  • Prevent from creating sprint, staged... with end date anterior to start date

  • Fix a bug when importing BCF files in a not default Team

  • Fix a bug when changing team in kanban when one of them have no topics

July 2019 - Version 0.10

Improvements ๐Ÿš€

Add image editor in image uploader

Make it possible to perform quick edits to the uploaded image like cropping, make it lighter, or in black and white

Unification of user, organization and project header

The 3 types of pages : user, organization and project have now a similar header that recall in which page we are. The header and the main menu are always visible even if we scroll down the page. More info.

Set topic properties at topic creation

It's now possible to set topic properties (stage, work package, estimation....) directly when creating a topic. So you don't need to go to topic page to do it. More info.

Assign a task

Previously it was only possible to assign a topic to a team member. Now it is possible to assign each task to a different member. This way you can define more precisely who do what and guaranty things are done. More info.

Paste image from clipboard

Take a screenshot of your screen, then paste it in topic comment or description. It will be uploaded as other images. A time saver for example to paste an annotated screenshot of the BIM model.


Fix usability of all menu

All menus like user menus or contextual menus are now easily clickable and appear correctly even on mobile.

June 2019 - Version 0.9

New features ๐ŸŽ‰

Image and files browser

Slack integration per project / team

Improvements ๐Ÿš€

Improve format of topic properties select & filter

We improved the style of topic properties form and topic search filters. Indeed, it was previously difficult to unselect a property. Also, the visual style is now much lighter. Also, we added a convenient way to edit parameters or project members directly from the select list.

May 2019 - Version 0.8

Import BCF

โ€‹BCF is an exchange file used in BIM to export / import issues between applications. You can for example create issues in Solibri model checker or Tekla BIMsight, export a BCF file containing issues information along with screenshots... and imports them in Bricks. You can assign default properties and create the imported topics in the team you want.

April 2019 - Version 0.7

Display unread status when a new comment or a new topic is created

To be able to identify there are new unread comments or topics in a project, topic card summary displays with bold case when unread and normal case when all status are read. If you use Gmail, it is the same format, so you should be used to that!

You can see quickly if your are up to date.

User information card display on hover of user image

To have more information about a team member contextually we added a pop-up that show on hover on the member profile image. Then you can quickly have information like his full name, his user name, or phone number.

When your hover a user picture for 2s you can see his details.

Group list of topics by all properties

It is now possible to group topics by all properties

List of my topics view


New icon to access my topics view

In order to see quickly all my tasks spread in different projects, we created a new page that is accessible thanks to a visible icon on top right of the screen. In this display we separated in 2 categories of topics : the topics assigned to you by others, or the topics you created.

A project button on each topic line link with the specific project and comment thread. You can then use my topics view as a way to choose on which project you are going to work and recall you due tasks.

List of my topics either assigned to me or created by me

Kanban board redesign

The goal of this redesign was :

  • to have a lighter and more colourful display similar to the other pages like topics

  • to show contextual information in the topic header, like the type of kanban

  • To make it easier to add topic in context by separating create topic button

March 2019 - Version 0.6

Limit topic list scroll to view screen

To propose a similar experience you are probably used to using email clients like Gmail, we limited the scroll of topic list to the height of the screen. This way you can always see topic details side by side with the list of topics and more rapidly scan your recent topics.

Project creation from project page

As some of our users asks us, we placed a convenient create project button directly from the projects page. As a project is always associated to an organization, we thus allow the user to select one of his organization in which he wants to create the project.

Project create button from user projects page
A project can be created in one of your organizations

Topic priority colours

To make clearer what is urgent and what is not, we used a gradient of colours from yellow to red.

Topic priority colors as seen in topic table

February 2019 - Version 0.5

Setting comment as a response

It is now possible to choose a comment that will be considered as the topic response. A way to formalize what is the decision about a specific topic.

January 2019 - Version 0.4

Table View

Table view page add a new way to view and edit your topics. You probably will be already familiar with it as it is similar to what you can do in Excel or Google spreadsheet.

Table view make it easy edit values of multiple topics

The main advantages of table display are :

  • to have many topics on one screen

  • to compare topic properties easily

  • to edit multiple topics quickly

New table view allow to list topics in a compact way

Sprint filtering in kanban

It is now possible to filter kanban by sprint. So you can see only the topics that belongs to the current sprint. You can then see what is missing to match your goal.

Custom page title

Pages have now custom titles that permit to share them with more context on social network, when you save them as a bookmark or as a link to your mobile phone home screen.