👨‍💻 My account

My account page is the default page that you will see after logging in. You can customize any settings related to your user account.

My projects menu

  • My projects tab In this tab, you will see the list of all of the projects you are part of. Projects are sorted with the most recent updates first. You can also search for a specific project or create a new project here.

  • Library tab In this tab, you will see the list of example projects or project templates that you can use as a reference.

My topics menu

  • Assigned to me tab All of the topics that are assigned to you are listed in this tab. T

  • Created by me tab All of your created topics are listed in this tab.

In the topic list, the color indicator on the left side was implemented so you can easily identify the topic's priority (red for urgent, orange for normal, yellow for low, and gray for no priority). Topics that are beyond their due dates are highlighted in red.

Organizations menu

Here, you will see the list of all of the organizations that you are part of. You can select the organization and manage it (depends on your permission). You can also create an organization from here.

Settings menu

All of the user account settings related can be found here.

  • Profile tab All of the user profile related can be found here. You can update your photo, name, preferred language, role, and address.

  • Preferences tab Here, you can customize the email notifications you wish to receive.

  • Account tab Go to this tab if you wish to change your password.

  • Authorization tab All of your authorized data can be found in the list. You can also manage and delete your authorizations here.

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