🌈Use cases

What are the uses cases to use Bricks

Here are the main workflows for which Bricks is a good fit.

Tasks management

Define clearly what needs to be done, who do what, and track what is the current state of each task.

BIM coordination

Report clashes between the BIM models of each team members (architect, engineer...), do the follow up of the needed modifications. More info about how BIM coordination works

Sprint management

Manage tasks using sprints a short period of time or iteration, made popular with Scrum, one of the most popular agile approaches.

Knowledge base

Share some information with your teams, like procedure to do at each stage of the project, products you like to use on your projects...

Coordination meeting

Define points to talk to in the next meeting, defined sub-tasks and assignation to who need to do the task. Export pdf reports to the attendees.

Retrospectives meeting

Make regular retrospective meetings to improve your team way of doing and allow each opinion to be listened.

Question and answers

Organize a discussion for example between the contractors and the team to answer in a structured way to the teams questions.

Products / Materials selection

Select product to be used in a building / urban project, comment about why it is good to use them. Track product select with a Kanban Board.

Inspirations curation

Share design inspirations with design teams, comment and make relation with the design choice that needs to be done in a project.

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