Managing a project involves many parties and most often details from several project software that needs to be merged and checked for collisions and other errors.

Import feature allows you to import issues from external issue trackers and offers more control than copy/paste without all the work of using the API.

Currently, here are the following files that you can import to your Bricks project:

  • BCF You can import BCF files and visually see where issues from the different tests are located directly in your Bricks project. Learn more

  • Trello With import, you can move your Trello projects into Bricks without losing any of your data, so you can continue working together from where you left off. This is important for teams that have outgrown Trello and are looking to take advantage of Bricks for a more structured strategy, visual road mapping, and a detailed definition of features and requirements. Learn more

How long does an import take?

After you've confirmed the import, the actual importing time can vary between one minute to a couple of minutes. This is entirely based on how much data you have on your Trello board.

The import feature will be generated in the background so you can keep working on other stuff while it's processing.

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