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Bricks app / the agile collaborative app for architecture & construction.

Bricks is inspired by Agile Methods used in many industries to make communication more fluid and workflows more iterative.

Architecture projects are complex and involve lots of actors that need to coordinate: architects, engineers, construction companies, contractors... Unfortunately, teams often follow a traditional workflow to communicate (long meetings, phone calls, emails...), that is time-consuming and end with coordination problems.

Unlike software development, problems in construction could be very expensive to fix and often impact the final architecture quality of the project.

Inspired by Agile collaborative apps that transformed startup, web development and many other industries, we imagined building a specific project management app for the AEC world. Learn more about bricks app features.


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About Bricks company

We launched several projects :

  • Bricks app the agile project management app for architecture and construction

  • Openbricks a platform to share open source architecture blueprints

  • Future Architecture a discussion forum on the theme of Architecture + New technologies

More about Bricks company at this page https://www.bricksapp.io/blog/en/bricks-startup

Bricks team

Bricks is founded by :

More about Bricks team at this page https://www.bricksapp.io/blog/en/bricks-startup

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Bricks Colors

Blue #1eb9d3

Pink #ed2a75

Grey #58666e


Get all bricks logos in different files size and format (svg + png) at this link.


Press Kit

You can browse and download images related to Bricks to illustrate your articles in this shared google drive folder.


Contact us if you need more information, photos, or simply understand better the project.

Sébastien Lucas / hello@bricksapp.io

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