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Product tour

Screenshot of Bricks

Topic list

List of topic

Model viewer

IFC viewer
Federated models
Model sections planes

Kanban board

Library of files

Files browser

Topic table (excel like)

Table of topics

Topic page

Topic Page

My topics

User topics

Create topic form

Topic creation

Topics progress graph

Graph of topics completion

Topic import

BCF Imports

Topic list / Grouped view

Topic group view : stage, sprint, assignees...

Roadmap view

Invite members to project

Invite members form

All teams board

Kanban board that list all teams progress

Organization / Plans

Allow to list plan and upgrade

Organization / Billing

Allow to list plan and upgrade
Allow to see how many seats you use and other information

Topics Templates

Topics templates

Active sprint page

Active sprint page

Sprint reports

Burndown chart / Sprint report