Checklist allows defining recurring tasks on a per stage or sprint basis. With checklists, you can share with your team a structured checklist of things to be done and reinforce consistent methods.

Why checklists?

Often you find that if you don't have any guidance, you may forget certain steps in a process. Sometimes, even with simple steps involved, you can get distracted and forget one or more of the required procedures. A simple feature that helps to prevent these mistakes is the checklist. Here are some of the benefits of using checklists:

  • It helps the project members stay more organized, assuring them they will not skip any important step in the process.

  • It motivates your team to take action and complete tasks. Small wins and the goal-gradient effect encourage you to reach your goals.

  • Checklists help you move quickly, be more efficient, and save time. This in turn allows you to focus on accomplishing different activities.

Using checklist ensures that you won’t forget anything. So, if you do something again and again in each Stage or Sprint, and want to do it right every time, use checklists.

How to create a checklist

To create a checklist, navigate to your project settings, then select checklists. Click on the Create Checklist button.

Enter the checklist name and description, then select if you want to associate the checklist with a stage and sprint. You can even add a photo to your checklist.

After creating the checklist, you can begin to add sections to it. Just click on the checklist name, then click on the Add section button.

Now, you can proceed with adding items to the checklist section. Select which checklist section you want to add an item with, then click on the Add Element button.

How to assign a checklist to a sprint or stage

Navigate to the Roadmap page and select the stage/sprint that you want to assign a checklist with. Hover on the timeline (or left menu) then click on the three dots icon and select Edit stage/sprint.

Select a checklist, then Save.

How to follow checklist execution

To follow a checklist execution, navigate to the List page and filter your topics by stage/sprint.

If your stage/sprint has an associated checklist, you will see a checklist icon displayed beside the topic sort options.

Click on the checklist icon.

Follow the defined process checklist and check each checklist's elements that have been completed. You will see a percentage on each checklist section that can easily track your progress.

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