Topic comment syntax

What can be written in a topic comment thanks to markdown syntax.

What is Markdown syntax?

At its core, Markdown is a super simple way to add formatting like headers, bold, bulleted lists, and so on to just plain text. It was originally designed to be an easy alternative to HTML, but it's also a great way to organize notes, to-do lists, and other things.

How to use Markdown syntax?

You can use Markdown syntax in both topics and comments in Bricks App. For example, to create a header you use hashtags. So, # HEADLINE is a large header. ## HEADLINE would be a little smaller, ### HEADLINE would be smaller still.

Want to make a bulleted list? Just type in a - + or * before any item and the list is created automatically. No need to start it, end it, or deal with funky formatting.

To add emphasis, you can either use an asterisk (*really?*) for italics, or two asterisks for bold (**really!**).

To add a link, you can just write a URL address or use square and round brackets: [GitHub]([](

Everything else that Markdown does is similar. Instead of opening and closing lines with angle brackets like you would in HTML, you use a simpler set of keys.

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