Bricks vs Trello

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Trello, a good start for online collaboration

Trello, Intuitive kanban boards
Trello is often the first step for architecture & construction professionals who wish to test new methodologies, and especially the Kanban. It is a very intuitive tool that allow to start fast and is mostly free for what many teams need. The drawback of this simplicity is that it could end up messy very fast. It is also hard to manage big projects with many topics and tasks with a single display: the kanban board.
Finally, it is not AEC specific, and despite the fact it exists many Trello plugins, that allow to add more feature like agile management, some setup needs to be done, and it could end up complicated for small teams.

Bricks, the agile collaboration platform for AEC

Bricks, agile collaboration platform for AEC
At Bricks, we heavily inspired from Trello and many other collaboration platforms but customize it for the AEC target : which means a more easy understanding of the platform by your teams, a growing base of domain specific templates.
Bricks is also a good choice for long projects that span on years rather of months like it is common in the AEC field. It is packed with powerful project management tools like Gantt chart, Kanban per property....
Finally, Bricks is integrated with the BIM ecosystem thanks to BCF and IFC, it has a Revit plugin. With Bricks you benefits from a free support from architecture professionals who know about Construction and Agile.

In summary :

Trello is a very good starting point to start to collaborate more efficiently than with Excel sheet and grouped emails.
But you can try Bricks to go a step further and have a tool geared toward your needs as an architect, engineer, BIM manager or project owner.
Bricks vs Trello
Main workflow
Complete AEC collaboration platform
Simple collaboration
Task management
Topic discussion
Team management with one kanban board per team
Kanban board
Kanban board by property
BIM 3D viewer
BIM software integration (IFC, BCF)
Roadmap / Gantt
Agile Project management (sprint...)
AEC templates
AEC specific coaching and support